• He's called The Colonel

The Colonel's Journey

Let me start by saying, although I had a find a camper, make him/her look beautiful and rent it out. My skills were a tad insufficient to make the dream a reality.

But none the less, I had a dream and instead of letting my lack of any kind of DIY skills inhibit me, I threw myself in the deep end and knew I'd have to up my game sharpish.

So I searched and searched until I found the Camper that fitted the bill. I knew it had to be a high top or a pop top, I knew I wanted it to be colourful and I knew I wanted it to be in the best condition possible with the amount of money I had....

In hindsight I'm not sure The Colonel was the best I could've got for my cash, but I love him and have stuck by him ever since.

I found him in Devon and brought him home.

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