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Newquay Floor

So this is the first van, with any luck and with your help, there could be many many more.....

Each van will have a different interior, the theme for this one is MAPS!!!!

For the floor, I ran through a million and 6 different options, but in the end found a company that could print any image for me....So I spoke with A-Z who kindly game me the high res image for free!! And I'm very happy with the end result!!!!........

The origianal was lovely, probably could have left it like this!.....

Origianal Floor.JPG

But figured it wasn't everyone's cup of cleared the way.......

Where to start.JPG

Ready for some attention.JPG

Got the new floor rolled out, with the pooch!!! Cut it up and stuck it in........

Floor anf the Pooch.JPG

Floors Down!.JPG

And I now it's surely everyone's cup of tea.......

Suns Out, Doors Open.JPG

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